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Bromicharge - Sodium Bromide (Canada)

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Bromicharge - Sodium Bromide (Canada)

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In.Clear Bromicharge (Canadian Market) 3.5 lbs. for use with In.Clear automatic bromine generator systems.


In.Clear Bromicharge Bottle (CANADIAN Market) 1.58kg. - 3.5 lbs. for use with In.Clear automatic bromine generators. When you add BromiCharge to your spa fitted with the In.Clear automatic bromine system, the TDS (total dissolved solids) of the spa water will increase about 1150 ppm (parts per million) per 100 U.S. gallons for every 1 pound of BromiCharge added. Shipping Note to Canada: All Canadian shipments are subject to Canadian tax and shipping cost to Canada. This amount may, in some cases, only be known after checkout. Canadians will be contacted with exact shipping cost and tax amount due prior to shipment. Normal operating range of BromiCharge should be between 1400 and 1500 ppm for best results. By adding 1.2 lbs. of BromiCharge per 100 U.S. gallons of water, you should increase the total TDS in your spa by 1440 PPM. Example: If you have a 300 U.S. gallon spa, add 3.5 lbs. (or one full bottle) of BromiCharge. Base TDS.....400 PPM 3.5 lbs. BromiCharge..... 1440 PPM TOTAL PPM after BromiCharge..... 1840 PPM You will want to maintain a TOTAL TDS of 1600-1900 PPM in your hot tub for best performance. This will give you 1400-1500 PPM of BromiCharge in your spa at all times. So for ideal water chemistry for spa water, add 1.2 pounds of BromiCharge per 100 gallons of water (1440 PPM) on a new refill.
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