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TheraSauna® full spectrum far infrared saunas were pioneered by QCA Spas, which has been recognized as one of the oldest spa companies in America. QCA Spas has been an innovator of patented spa therapy to relieve pain and stiffness and promote healthier lifestyles. Those same philosophies are incorporated into our TheraSauna® Infrared Health Saunas. In 1995, TheraSauna® full spectrum far infrared saunas received its first patent for the Stable Heat™ System. Today, TheraSauna® holds several patents and patents-pending on our MPS Infrared Control System™. TheraSauna® full spectrum far infrared saunas have been tested and approved by ETL in the US and Canada (Look for us under our company name, Quad Cities Automatic Pools, Inc.). TheraSauna® has applied for registration with the Food and Drug Administration under Infrared Health devices.


   Quality is important to us, which is why our saunas are handcrafted in the USA. We are one of the only infrared sauna manufacturers in the United States that do not import our saunas from international suppliers. Our manufacturing plant is located in Dewitt, Iowa.


  The human body absorbs infrared in the 3-50 micron range. The far infrared waves between 6 to 14 microns have proven to have special regenerative effects on the body.TheraSauna® full spectrum far infrared saunas emit the greatest amount of infrared in the 9.4 micron range, which is the human body's optimum absorption frequency.


   When cells and tissue in the body are exposed to this range of far infrared heat, response mechanisms are triggered which stimulate the healing process. Benefit from the healing powers of far infrared heat in your own home by purchasing a Therasauna® full spectrum far infrared sauna today. Therasauna® full spectrum far infrared saunas are the ultimate health and relaxation solution for life.


 Some Benefits of TheraSauna® far infrared saunas are:

1.) Increased flow of rich oxygenated blood to muscles and joints since far infrared dilates blood vessels and capillaries

2.) Improvement of the lymphatic system reduces inflammation and swelling in the body

 3.) Weight loss and regulation with calorie burning

 4.) Improved skin tone and the reduction in the appearance of cellulite

 5.) Enzyme and cellular activity is stimulated

 6.) Rheumatism, arthritis and bursitis relief 

 7.) Strengthening of the cardiovascular system

 8.) Improved immune system

 9.) Relief from sore and injured muscles and reduction of muscle spasms

 10.) Better adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane


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