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Spa Features

Durable Spa Shells | Maintenance Free Cabinets | Jets & Waterfall | LED Lighting | Sound Systems | Ozonator | Bromine Salt Generator | Quality Hard Covers | Zone Control | Patented Hydrotherapy Seats | Extended Warranty


When ordering your USA Spa online, you will find a variety of customizeable options available on our USA Spa models.


USA Spas currently has 4 available shell colors. Not all 4 colors are available on all models. Select a hot tub to see availability of select colors available for that spa model.

Silver Marble Storm Cloud Tuscan Sun Midnight Canyon
Silver Marble Storm Cloud Tuscan Sun Midnight Canyon

The spa shell is the designed and shaped form that you sit in, and the most important component of any hot tub. Other parts can be replaced in a hot tub, but the shell cannot. Our ABS-backed acrylic spa shells are engineered for strength, durability, and are easy to maintain. Each seat has be ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body. Many of our spas feature deeper foot wells for comfort and spaciousness. Built in safety features like steps and lighting are part of every spa we make. We add in luxurious touches, like comfort pillows, soft touch controls, adjustable jets and massage levels and drink holders. Our shell design and durability can't be beat.


USA Spa shells are manufactured with a patented, four-layer strengthening process called DuraBond™. This exclusive system combines the beauty of Lucite-Xtra™ acrylic with a layer of ABS for strength and integrity. A layer of double-strengthening material called IsoBond is then applied. IsoBond has all the strength of a fiberglass resin shell, with half the weight, and without the environmental concerns. The manufacturing process is completed with a thick layer of insulating polyurethane foam on many USA Spa models.


Lucite-Xtra™ cast acrylic is a non-porous material that resists stains such as those from build-up of lotions and body oils, which can ruin non-acrylic spas. Its durable surface resists chipping, cracking, and denting. Lucite-Xtra™ keeps its shine despite sanitizing chemicals, high temperatures, and exposure to sunlight. No polishing or waxing is necessary to maintain its appearance - just a sponge and mild soap.


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USA Spas currently has 3 available cabinet colors on most models.

redwood redwood Gray
Redwood Standard Chestnut Standard Gray Standard

USA has always looked for ways to improve every aspect of the spas we build. All spas feature beautiful, maintenance-free cabinets. Our energy efficient cabinets are made from UV inhibited combined plastics with the beautiful look of fine wood furniture. Best of all, the cabinets maintain their beauty over time and in all weather. The cabinets provide a thermal-insulation barrier for the spa to help protect it and make it more energy efficient. Your spa will resist fading, rotting and insects.

Easily access your equipment and spa drain by removing the cabinet door panel. The panel should remain locked during use for safety reasons. Scratches don't show up easily on your cabinet since the color goes all the way through. The cabinet is sealed with a moisture proof bottom to keep air and water from coming in through the undersection of the spa.

cabinet style


WeatherGuard™ is the industry's best, maintenance-free spa cabinet. WeatherGuard™ is fade resistant with built-in UV-inhibitors. Unlike other poly-plastic cabinets in the market today that are thin and flimsy resulting in warping and fading, a USA Spa WeatherGuard™ cabinet is constructed of strong and durable polystyrene that won't crack, splinter or peel. This material is similar to high-end vinyl windows for your home. And since it replaces the wood of most spa cabinets, WeatherGuard™ is termite, moisture, and rot resistant and 214% more rigid than wood. WeatherGuard™ is energy efficient too - 62% more than traditional wood!


The USA Spa Dura-Frame Cabinet provides strong support and a thermal-insulation barrier from sub-freezing temperatures

    • Natural Wood Grain Appearance
    • Fade resistant with UV-Inhibitors
    • Insect Proof, Moisture Proof, and Lifetime Rot Resistant
    • Maintenance Free 

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USA Spas' currently offers two jet styles, graphite gray and stainless steel. Both jet styles have gray accents. Stainless Steel is not available in all models.


Depending on your LED lighting selection while choosing the perfect spa for you, some of your beautiful stainless steel jets may illuminate with LED Lighting. If you do NOT choose LED lighting on your spa your jets will NOT illuminate LED Lighting.

RS Halo 1 RS Halo 2 RS Halo 3 RS Halo 4 RS Halo 5 RS Halo 6 RS Halo 7 RS Halo 8


Jet Diagram





     A. Escutcheon
     B. Design Insert
     C. Nozzle Ring
     D. Nozzle/Eyeball
     E. Flange






  A cascading waterfall is also available on select models.


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LED spa lighting ranges from low cost LED options to complete LED lighting systems. Create a stunning evening ambience with the right LED lighting package for your spa.
Digitally controlled lighting creates the desired color mix and pattern - from a soothing, serene calm to a rockin' party spa.

Add LED-D, LED-M or LED-A to your USA Spa

LED-D: Add a factory installed LED light bulb with 20 points of light that creates the right evening ambience in your USA Spa. The LED-D light can also be retrofitted on existing USA Spas and replaces the standard 12V white bulb.

LED-M: A more advanced spa lighting package available on higher end USA Spa models is the LED Package M (LED-M) which includes 10 above-water perimeter lights and the LED-D spa light.

LED-A: The most deluxe lighting package available on select USA Spa models is LED Package A (LED-A) which not only includes 10 perimeter spa lights and a 4 inch main LED light, but also underwater lighting which illuminates selected spa jets, controls, valves and other spa features for a complete LED lighting experience.

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Add the sound of music to your hot tub experience and take it to a whole new level! From the two speaker Wow Sound System to the deluxe, bass pumping Vibrasound System. You will find the right sound system to add to your USA Spas hot tub on SpaSaunaDirect.com. 

VibraSound Music System

Wow Sound

When you add VibraSound to your spa, you don’t just listen to the music – you feel the music! The built- in music system allows you to feel the music through the water as you enjoy your hydro massage. Four VibraSound speakers, a transformer and one subwoofer are build into the spa shell where the sound resonates – using the shell as a speaker.

The sound transmits through the shell and into the water for a complete surround sound experience. This revolutionary sound system for your spa represents state-of-the-art high fidelity audio. Enjoy sound that envelopes the entire spa instead of unevenly distributed sound from individual speakers. Sound is constant throughout the spa – allowing a deep bass and full sound even at a lower volume. 

Since the speakers are built in and not protruding from the top of the shell, the spa cover can fit securely with no bumps or cut-outs. There is no need for a custom cover and no heat loss. Since there are no pop up speakers or moving elements, there is no risk of speakers freezing or accumulating debris in the speaker shaft.

For the total backyard party, two additional patio speakers are included. Entertain guests inside and outside of the spa with your external and internal speaker package.

The patio speakers are mounted on the side of the spa cabinet and can be adjusted separately to control ambient sound. A mounted remote control places control of the music system at your fingertips- inside or outside of the spa! Play your favorite playlists from your Ipod or mp3 player to suit your guests and your mood.


Wow Sound Stereo System

For music on an economical scale, enjoy the WOW sound system from USA Spas. This system features 2 speakers mounted in the spa cabinet. Crank up your favorite tunes on these high quality waterproof speakers - designed to fit in with your spa experience.

Add music to your spa for greater enjoyment. Your spa will be the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area.

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Del Ozone QCA Spas ozonator

All USA Spas can be equipped with the Del Ozone Natural Spa Sanitizing System. This system utilizes the lastest ozone technology and injects ozone consisting of three oxygen atoms, directly into the spas plumbing system to kill bacteria in all water lines. The ozone sanitization is completely biodegradable and 100% natural with the only byproduct being oxygen.

Ozone used in combination with a residual amount of Chorine or Bromine can effectively provide a clean, safe bacteria-free spa and dramatically reduce chemical use. The excess Ozone that rises to the spa water surface is recycled by USA Spas' built-in ozone recovery system which most spa manufactures do not offer, to maximizes the sanitization in the spa.

The built in ozonator even comes with a True Ozone indicator light to assure proper functioning of the spa ozonator at all times.

Adding the USA Spas ozone system by Del assures the cleanest, purest water for your spa while also allowing for a reduction in chemicals. Ozone also does its part to eliminate oils, lotions and other contaminants for cleaner spa water.

Ozonator Performance Features include:

    • Water Back Flow Resistant
    • Low EMI Design
    • Longer Life Than CD Chip
    • Increased Ozone Output Over CD Chip
    • Ozone Cell Indicator Lamp
    • Ozone Management System Option
    • Made From All Ozone Resistant Materials

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It doesn't get any easier than this. Add technology to your spa by adding a factory installed bromine salt system. Automatically manages sanitizer level - no more running to the store for tablets or forgetting to add sanitizer. It's easy to maintain your spa and turn your spa into salt water spa! Add the automatic bromine salt system to select USA Spa models when ordering. (cannot be used in combination with an ozonator so for your hot tub sanitizing needs, please select one or the other.)

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A factory original USA Spas' hard cover will assure the best energy efficient operation of your USA spa. Don't settle for immitations.

Standard quality features on every factory original USA Spas cover:

    • Marine Grade Vinyl: Quality vinyl material is tough and resilient with 100% polyester backing and is mildew treated on the face and back.
    • Tough Mesh Bottom: 10 ounce strand-coated polyester mesh with a 9×9 weave for superior strength.
    • Commercial Quality Zipper: Heavy-duty 45 nylon zipper chain and aluminum pulls.
    • Locking Buckles: Acetal locking buckles for peace of mind, safety and security. Protects cover from being carried away in strong winds.
    • Heat-Saving Seals: High density polyurethane foam moisture seals at the folds to prevent heat loss in one of the most vulnerable places of a spa cover.
    • Sturdy, Reinforced Handles: Triple folded reinforced vinyl backed up with double-stitched seams for the sturdiest of handles so you don't end up tearing off the handle as on cheaper made covers.
    • Triple Strength Straps: Triple folded reinforced vinyl double-sewn seams.  Spending more time detailing a cover in production assures longer cover life.
    • Marine Grade Thread: Marine grade polyester thread is used on all Castle Covers.  Cheaper threads used in the industry are not as strong.
    • Insulating Polystyrene Core: Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties. The foam core’s tapered design keeps rainwater and melting snow and ice off of the spa cover.
    • Durable Aluminum Channel Reinforced Hinge: The aluminum channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability.
    • 7 mil Moisture Barrier: The 7 mil thick tri-extruded plastic wrap prevents moisture form reaching the foam core.  Don't settle for lower cost 5 mil covers.
    • Rugged Reinforced Stiching: Adds durability and reinforces seams.
    • Easy Care: Cleans easily with mild soap and water.
    • Original USA Spas Cover Colors: Since these are original covers delivered with USA Spas, the color will match your previous cover and spa.  Available in Teak (brown) and Coastal Gray.

When buying a replacement spa cover for a USA Spa hot tub, don't settle for a spa cover from a third party vendor.  Buy factory original covers through SpaSaunaDirect.com and buy directly from the factory.

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USA Spas has many patented features. Zone Control™ is a patented flow control system that works two ways, depending on the spa.

For spas that have one pump, Zone Control™ will concentrate the power of the jets on one side of the spa. It will cut off the waterflow on one side, and put all of the power on the other side of the spa. It's just like having the power of two pumps!

For high end spas that already have two or more pumps, Zone Control™ will divide the spa into three sections. You can either have an equal amount of power throughout the entire section of the spa, or concentrate the power of the pumps to one of the three areas of the spa, for an intense hydrotherapy session in one or two seats.

Zoning allows you to direct all the water flow from one of the powerful pumps to a selected Hydrotherapy Seat or even up to 3 seats at one time. This innovative zoning feature provides you with concentrated hydrotherapy and a powerful massage. Prefer a soothing soak? You can also spread out the flow to soften the water therapy.

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USA Spas has three patented hydrotherapy seats.

HydroMax™ Seat


The first patented hydrotherapy seat that includes numerous large jets in a configuration for a rejuvenating and relaxing hydromassage.

WaveMax™ Seat


A patented hydrotherapy seat that includes 20 jets for a revitalizing massage. With the electronic control pad, choose from seven jet patterns at three different speeds, and even pause in the middle of a cycle to adjust the jets to areas that may need extra attention. Additionally, the USA Spas exclusive air-injection system allows you to turbo charge the jets with forced, warm air for a more powerful massage. This seat will give you a wide range of hydrotherapy­ with four rows of jets, each row with five wavejets that pulsate up and down your back, massaging your aching muscles, while warm water eases away the tension of your day.

Ultra Wave Lounge™

Ultra Wave Lounge QCA Spas hydrotherapy

Shoulders, full back, thighs, calves and feet—the 54 jets of the Ultra-Wave Lounge™ provide a pulsating wave massage one or two rows at a time from your neck to your toes and is the most luxurious USA Spas seat available. Seven function programmable controls provide different massage patterns at three variable speeds over your body. These invigorating streams may be paused at any level to continuously massage one part of your body.

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USA Spas 2 Year and 3 Year Extended Parts, Warranty, Performance, and Coverage program adds value to your spa which keeps your spa performing as it should. Extended warranty program provides valuable coverage above and beyond the manufacture’s warranty. Warranty coverage is extended to the original owner from the date of purchase.

Protection You Can Count On: This program is designed with you the customer in mind to keep worry-free and enjoy your spa.

Comprehensive Coverage: This program includes expenses for parts should they fail during normal use defined in the warranty agreement.

Take advantage of the USA Spas Extended Parts, Warranty, Performance, and Coverage now to ensure your spa remains in top working condition. Don’t miss this opportunity to protect your investment. The USA Spas Extended Warranty Program is designed with you in mind. The Spa equipment is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a total of 3 or 4 years from the original date of purchase. Spa equipment includes:

    • Spa Pump
    • Spa Pump Motor 
    • Pump Motor Power Cable
    • Heater Element 1.5/4 kW
    • Heater Temputature Sensor
    • Topside Control 
    • Power Control Pack Motherboard
    • Spa Electrical Terminal Block
    • Solenoid Valves
    • Sequencer
    • Sequencer Topside Control
    • Stereo Power Supply
    • Air Blower
    • Unlimited Free Tech Support:1-866-998-0148


If you are not covered, potential costs could amount to...

(1 or 2) Spa Pump/ Spa Motor:  $612.50 ea. 
 Pump Motor:  $512.50
 (1 or 2) Pump Motor Power Cable: $62.49 ea.
 Heater Element 1.5/4KW:  $213.13
 (2) Heater Temp. Sensor: $78.75
 Topside Control: $366.25
 Power Control Pack Motherboard: from $623.75 to $873.75 
 Electrical Terminal Block: $19.71
 (4/Spa) Solenoid Valves:  $198.74
 Sequencer:  $507.50
 Sequencer Topside Control: $126.83
 Stereo Power Supply:  $245.00
 Air Blower: $162.48

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