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Swim 'N Spa™ Chemical Use & Maintenance

 Swim N Spa Lineup

Welcome to Swim ‘n Spa™our brand new easy-to-use line of water care products. Swim ‘n SpaTM features everything you need for pool and spa water care - from the first filling to ongoing care using the (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) Maintenance Program that we have developed especially for you to take the guess work out of maintaining your pool or spa!

Each guide teaches owners how to keep pool and spa water clean, sanitized, safe to use and trouble-free.

What makes Swim ‘n SpaTM unique from other brands on the market today is that we offer a wide variety of chemicals including Sanitizers, Balancers, Clarifiers, Stain and Scale Removers, Filter and Surface Care Products and last but not least our easy-to-use all-inclusive kits for pools and spas. Each kit contains all the chemicals you need to get your pool or spa started and looking great for the season! Or if you need to close your pool we have a winter closing kit as well.

The color-coded labeling on each product makes it easier for the customer to locate the product they need at a glance. Most Swim ‘n SpaTM products can be used in both your pool or spa, that way you don’t have to purchase separate chemicals for each application, saving you time to enjoy your pool or spa and also saving you money!

Make Pool & Spa Maintenance a Snap with Swim ‘n SpaTM Products! For more information and recommended usage of Swim ‘n SpaTM line of chemicals, please refer to the Swim ‘n SpaTM Maintenance Guide! Get your FREE copy now by clicking the appropriate image below.

Swim N Spa Spa Chemical Guide                   Swim N Spa Pool Chemical Guide



    • Always add chemicals to pool or spa water, never water to chemicals.
    • Add each chemical separately.
    • Wait 15 minutes before adding any additional chemicals.
    • Do not combine different chemicals before adding them to the pool or spa water.
    • Store chemicals according to the manufacturer's label and keep out of the reach of children.
    • All chemicals, if not handled properly, may be dangerous.

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